What is Screen Printing?

Screen Printing is done by printing ink through a fine mesh screen onto our shirts. There are three key components in the process: a design, a screen and the printing itself. Each component is equally important. That’s why we ensure quality by designing in house, use high tension screens and high quality ink and our years of experience in the industry.

The process begins with design. You show or tell us your idea, and we make it a reality. Once the design is approved on a virtual mock up we determine the color and type of shirt that it will be printed on. We print on just about everything from tees to hoodies.

Once complete, the design is then printed onto a transparency and burned to an aluminum screen. After that, it’s time to print. While our competition prides themselves on automation, we’re giving jobs back to the community. That’s why we stand firm on making sure that all of our printing is done traditionally, by hand, using the highest quality inks. At Ernest Fields our shirts are built to order and made to last.

Design Requirements

We have incredible design skills capable of bringing even the most complex ideas to life. However, if you already have a logo it will speed up the entire order process. We pride ourselves on designing in house, but if you want to bring your own design, we can work with most files, but prefer the following formats when possible: .ai, .eps, or .psd

Turn Around

Our turn around is the fastest in the business @ 5-7 business days. Most orders are completely even sooner! Specific time rush delivery is available for an additional charge.


We can handle orders of any size from our minimum of 12 to thousands.

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